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Used Gym Lockers

When shopping for used gym lockers, we cannot be beat. Despite being pre-owned, our gym lockers for sale are built with heavier gauge steel than standard metal lockers are. As such, they still have years of use left. Most, if not all, of the athletic locker styles feature perforations in doors and/or sides to increase air flow throughout the units. The ventilation not only keeps clothing and equipment dry, but helps prevent odors and mildew from taking root.

Take a look at our selection below of athletic lockers for sale to find the best fit for your needs. If you have any questions, need a quote, or can’t quite find what you’re looking for, contact us here.

Athletic Gym Lockers
Stock #:61121260PPL Purple Penco LA
Size: 12" x 12" x 60" 1-Tier
ID: T - 3
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Heavy Duty Lockers
Stock #:61121675HDC Heavy Duty Colorado
Size: 12" x 16" x 75" 1-Tier
ID: T - 67
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Welded Penco Lockers
Stock #:6M091272BBW Slate Blue Welded
Size: 9"-12" x 12" x 72" Mixed
ID: T - 8
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Mixed Athletic Penco Lockers
Stock #:6M091272OPB Orange Penco Brighton
Size: 09"-12" x 12" x 72" Mixed
ID: T - 8
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All-Welded Locker Room Lockers
Stock #:6M121672RDF Red DeBourgh Florida
Size: 12" x 16" x 72" Mixed
ID: T - 39
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Refurbished locker room Lockers
Stock #:6M181672BDW Brown DeBrough Wyoming
Size: Mixed Tier
ID: T - 9
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Heavy Duty Locker Room Locker
Stock #:6M181672RDW Red DeBourgh Wyoming
Size: 18" wide x 16" deep x 72" high
ID: T - 3
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Refurbished Gym Lockers
Stock #:6M181672XDW Burnt Orange Debourgh Wyoming
Size: Mixed Tier
ID: T - 33
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Gym Lockers in Mixed Sizes
Stock #:6M181672YDW Yellow Debourgh Wyoming
Size: 18" x 16" x 72" Mixed Tier
ID: T - 66
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Refurbished Heavy Duty Storage Lockers
Stock #:6M271672XDW Burnt Orange DeBrough Wyoming
Size: Mixed Tier
ID: T - 12
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We feature a wide variety of used gym lockers for sale, from single tiers to mixed tiers, which have a combination of doors of varying sizes to provide the most value for your budget. All units are already assembled, and some are even fully welded to provide the utmost durability and longevity for your athletic locker room. Whether you need lockers for football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, volleyball, or just gym lockers in general, we have the right fit for your equipment.

When we receive shipments of used lockers into our warehouses, the first thing we do is inspect each column for damages, defects, etc, using a multi-point process. If there are any damages that affect the functionality of the locker, we fix any issue until they are in perfect working order. We will not ship an inferior product!

We are always selling and receiving new stock, so be sure to check back with us frequently to see our latest inventory.