Metal Storage Cabinets

Every office or warehouse could use a little help in the organization department, are we right? We have several types of high-quality new and used commercial and industrial storage cabinets available that offer durable, safe and spacious places to organize all of your equipment, supplies and tools into neat and orderly spaces. Besides offices and warehouses, they also work well in garages, schools and shops. We have storage cabinets available to fit whatever your needs may be.  

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Metal Storage Cabinets

  Stock #: 61361878CQS Combination Cabinet

These are Industrial Grade Combination Storage Cabinets that are always in stock and available for immediate shipment. The combination feature allows for storage of supplies as well as provides you with wardrobe hanging space. Accessorized with a full width shelf on top, three half width shelves [...]

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  Stock #: 61361878SQS Storage Cabinets

We have brand new metal storage cabinets in stock available for immediate shipment nationwide. Each Metal Storage Cabinet includes four shelves that are adjustable on 2" centers. Each shelf is rated for an evenly distributed load of up to 110 lbs. per shelf to store large and heavy[...]

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  Stock #: 61361878WQS Wardrobe Cabinet

We stock Industrial Grade Metal Wardrobe Storage Cabinets "Brand New" IN STOCK and ready for immediate shipment from one of our fully stocked warehouses that are strategically located throughout the country to keep your shipping time to a minimum and costs low. Designed to hold 14 to 18[...]

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  Stock #: 61431844FQS Flammable Storage Cabinet

Brand new Flammable Storage Cabinets in stock and available for immediate shipment. These have a 30 gallon capacity and are ready to securely store all your flammable materials and products. Each is 43" wide x 18" deep x 44" high, includes 1 full width shelf that is fu[...]

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  Stock #: 61431865FQS Flammable Storage Cabinet

Don't wait for the fire marshall to come through your facility and find your flammables in an unsecured non-contained area and risk the chance of a hefty fine! Purchase a cabinet for your flammables today! We have a large inventory of quality Flammable Storage Cabinets for sale in stock a[...]

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  Stock #:61361878TSF Tan Sandusky Florida

Used metal wardrobe storage cabinet for sale that offers spacious storage and a contemporary design in an attractive powder coat tan finish that is compatible with any office decor.  We have (1) of these available that is 36” wide x 18” dee[...]

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  Stock #:6C262433BSN Black Sandusky Nevada

There are 2 of these slightly used counter top security cabinets available that are 26” wide x 24” deep x 33” high.  These cabinets are all-welded and fabricated from 22-gauge steel and designed to be used on a counter top or desk top.   The monitor[...]

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  Stock #:6M363690BSL Bulk Storage Locker

We have a group of used bulk storage lockers for sale. There is (one) 1-tier starter unit that is 36" wide x 36" deep x 90" high and (two) 2-tier add on units that are 36" wide x 36" deep x 90" high. This group of lockers also includes three back panels that are 36&q[...]

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