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Used Storage Cabinets

Our inventory of used storage cabinets includes a generous selection of wardrobe cabinets, flammable storage cabinets and versatile, used metal cabinets that come in many different configurations. In any workplace, the value of security is immeasurable and the addition of a durable, lockable cabinet to store sensitive archives, valuables and expensive tooling isn't worth a compromise. The good news is that when considering our selective stock of used storage cabinets you won’t have to settle, and in many cases, buying used simply makes more sense. With the daily abuse that is expected, a few dents, scratches or other harmless cosmetic flaws, won’t hinder the perfect functionality of these cabinets. Our storage cabinets have all undergone thorough inspection and are fully assembled and ready for use the day they arrive. 

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Our used metal cabinets provide countless options for expanding your storage potential, they contain plenty of space for bulky items and supplies with various shelving styles for achieving the most effective organization for each user. These industrial-grade styles aren’t to be confused with cheap metal cabinets because of their low-cost, they have been expertly crafted for extreme use in hard-wearing environments such as warehouses, shops, factories and offices. All of our used cabinets are built with solid construction and durability is enhanced with heavier gauge steel and spot welded corners. Cabinets are equipped with multiple, high-capacity shelves that have been designed to hold excessive weight on a daily basis. Most styles have been designed for convenient modification and can be easily configured with the benefit of adjustable shelves. Extra shelves can always be added or if needed, easily removed for freeing up compartment space at a moment's notice.

Check out our impressive selection of used storage cabinets for the most flexible, budget-friendly storage solutions.