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If you are wondering where to buy lockers for sale at a low price, you’re at the right place. We provide used lockers that are fully refurbished school or workplace liquidated lockers to the market. As schools, gyms and businesses upgrade and purchase new lockers from us; we buy, remove and refurbish old lockers to their original condition. Our massive selection also includes reconditioned lockers that were previously damaged in shipping, manufacturer returns, overstock, surplus & clearance lockers.

We have a large 90,000 square foot storage warehouse on the West Coast (SLC, UT) and a 50,000 square foot facility on the East Coast (Atlanta, GA) bursting at the seams of every imaginable type of used locker for sale. (see video below) Primarily you will find our offering to be used metal lockers with generous selections of used wood lockers, plastic lockers, and heavy duty used gym lockers also available.

And all of our second-hand lockers undergo a multi-point inspection process to ensure they arrive ready for use and have plenty of life left in them. Since we update our inventory daily, be sure to return often to browse our evolving selection of bargain deals for used, surplus and discounted lockers for sale.

We are THE source for overstock & USED LOCKERS at clearance prices and your Unparalleled source for NEW LOCKERS ready to ship to you from distribution centers nationwide!


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Every organization has a need for secure storage lockers, which is why we began with the aspiration to make lockers an economical investment that anyone can afford. We began back in 1967 providing used lockers for sale to our local markets. Since 2002 we have expanded their availability across all of North America and even internationally with our on going accumulation of surplus lockers and strong demand for bargain lockers that continues to thrive and grow throughout the world.
Our rapid growth has allowed us to add and now maintain over 140,000 sq. ft. in storage warehouses combining our distribution centers in the West Coast and on the East Coast, that are bursting at the seams of every imaginable type of used locker. Our expanding selection is continuously updated with new arrivals so that you can easily find the specific lockers you have in mind.

We don’t expect customers to sacrifice cost for quality lockers, in fact, many of the lockers we have in stock have minimal damage and some are in practically brand new condition. For lockers that need repairs, our unique multiple point inspection and repair process helps to refine these lockers to a high quality, refurbished state.

Our hope is to bring to the budget-conscious customer a large, varied assortment of lockers that can fill all of their secure storage needs without the hefty price tag. Buyusedlockers.com is dedicated to providing you with friendly customer service and unlimited options that will help you to complete or improve your business or personal projects. Contact our helpful locker sales staff today to find used lockers that agree with both you and your wallet!