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Vented Gym Lockers - Single Tier

New Lockers
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Tired of smelling that horrible stench from wet or sweaty clothes, shoes and towels or lunches that were left overnight? Vented gym lockers are your solution!

With extra ventilation it takes longer for mold and mildew to start growing so even when those smelly items are left overnight, you won’t have the odor of a pro ball team or a restaurant dumpster.

These are the most popular and widely used gym lockers as they allow for hanging full-length clothing, coats, towels, etc. Each includes an upper shelf for gym bags, clothes, purses and other items.

**12" wide x 15" deep x 72" tall IN STOCK in 3 wide and available for quick ship in colors beige and gray!

Vented Gym Lockers - Single Tierimage 1

Key Features:

Additional Options:

Available in many different configurations so no matter what size or shape your room is, you’ll be able to create a layout that will work with it. You can maximize space, keep employees and patrons happy, and if you keep the 6" legs, your cleaning staff can clean under them easily.

Due to their superb construction and air circulation features, these are used in health clubs, fitness centers, recreation centers, athletic gyms, and sports arenas.

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