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Used Lockers For Sale

To buy lockers is an important investment because they are an essential fixture in almost every business or school, but the prospect of buying them can be a confusing process for a first-time buyer. Many customers also find themselves struggling to stay within a set budget while trying to find a set of good, quality lockers. Our large offering of used metal lockers provides a low-cost alternative to new lockers, while offering many of the same popular styles that you can find with leading locker sources.

Another great benefit to those who buy used lockers is that our lockers will come to you conveniently assembled, without the extra fee and will be ready to use the day of delivery. Cheap lockers doesn't mean having to sacrifice quality which is why every locker that comes through our facility is expertly repaired, cleaned and meticulously inspected before it is offered to the public. For businesses or industries that are set on a specific style, color or size, buying used lockers rarely limits your options and sometimes even expands them.

We maintain a very large, diverse selection of used lockers that were previously used in schools, police and fire departments, offices, fitness centers and more. The condition of each used locker varies at different levels and price ranges; our inventory includes lockers that are almost new (e.g. Returns, shipping imperfections or factory defects) to well-loved, old lockers for sale that have already provided many years of service. These sometimes dented, scratched or slightly rusted lockers may not look as flashy as a brand new set, but for customers more concerned with function, they offer the perfect compromise. 

Our Three Point Guarantee:

We guarantee you will find the lockers you are looking for! Since we have the largest selection, we guarantee that you will find what you need amongst our extensive offering of refurbished, surplus, scratch & dent and factory return lockers available for sale.

We guarantee your used lockers will last. Each and every locker will arrive fully functional, secure, defect free and will have passed our meticulous inspection process where each missing or worn part is replaced or repaired and will be reliable having many years of life left in it. We only offer quality used lockers for sale.

We guarantee you will save money. Plan on saving anywhere from 25 to 40 percent when purchasing second hand lockers, and you are getting lockers that will last just as long as new ones.

Our used locker selection is broken down based on the number of doors, these are often referred to as “tiers” within the locker industry; the number of tiers is equivalent to the number of compartments within each vertical locker column. Tier options are available in single, double, triple to box tier styles which cover everything from individual use to high density storage systems for serving multiple users at once. If you have tight space limitations, we can work with those as well by helping you find the best style to accommodate every inch of your available space. Although our lockers come to us in pre-bolted or riveted into sets, we are always willing to reconfigure them if possible. Whether just a single column or a set of six is needed, we will do our best to customize your personal storage needs.

Our extensive collection of locker styles is designed for numerous uses and environments with all types of construction that are designed to withstand various conditions. We offer everything from the reliable quality of 16-gauge steel for most standard needs--to extremely powerful, 14-gauge steel with added ventilation for harsh or humid environments. We also offer rust-free and moisture-resistant options that can be found with our plastic or wood lockers which are ideal for gyms, clubs and fitness centers.

If we haven’t given you enough reasons to buy our used lockers, then feel free to check out our inventory for yourself and browse countless styles, colors and sizes at the lowest prices you will find anywhere.