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Used Heavy Duty Storage Lockers

Used Lockers
Stock #: 6M271672BDW Brown DeBrough Wyoming
Price: Call For Pricing! 1-877-952-0151
Quantity: 2
Dimensions: Mixed Tier

This set of heavy-duty storage lockers contains 9 small compartments that measure 18" wide x 16" deep x 9" high and 1 large compartment that measures 9" wide x 16" deep x 72" high.  This is perfect for your garage or shed to store yard tools in.  Items like shovels can be stored in the large locker and small items such as sprinkler parts, hand tools, gloves, etc. can be kept in smaller compartments.  Just add a padlock if you need your items to be secure.  The lockers are older, but still completely functional and will last for years to come. 

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