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Plastic Lockers for Sale

New Lockers
Stock #: 65121860HPL Plastic Lockers
Price: Call For Pricing! 1-877-952-0151
Quantity: Unlimited
Dimensions: 12-18" x 12-18" x 12"/60" 5-tier
Condition: NEW

Brand new 5 tier units in stock and for sale in three popular "Quick Ship" sizes with three color choices. Additional sizes and colors are also available with production orders.

Ideal in situations that require the utmost in corrosion & moisture resistance because solid plastic can never rust, even with exposure to harsh chemicals & water.

These are constructed of HDPE or High Density Polyethelene which makes them durable and virtually unbreakable. They resist gym odors, dents and scratches, plus offer easy graffiti clean up if some rascal uses them as his canvas.

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Plastic Lockers for Saleimage 2 image 2
Plastic Lockers for Saleimage 3 image 3
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