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Narrow Lockers

Used Lockers
Stock #: 61091572BWC Brown Worley Canada
Price: Call For Pricing! 1-877-952-0151
Quantity: 4
Dimensions: 9" x 15" x 72" 1-Tier

We have 4 single tier steel corridor lockers available that are each 9" wide x 15" deep x 72" tall. They have been completely refurbished and are in excellent working order and great condition! Each locker has plenty of storage options, including two sturdy upper shelves to store personal items and one double prong ceiling hook and two single prong wall hooks to hang bags, clothing, equipment and outerwear vertically. These lockers are a beautiful chocolate brown color and will look fantastic against any wall in a corridor, common hallway or workspace. They are ready to be installed in your home, office or school today--purchase them now at substantial savings compared to what you would pay for new lockers!

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