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Lockers with Perforated Doors

New Lockers
Stock #: 61151872RJG* Red Jorgenson Gym Lockers
Price: $110.00
Quantity: 3
Dimensions: 15" x 18" x 72" 1-Tier
Condition: NEW

Single Tier Ventilated Lockers are perfect for areas that require extra ventilation such as gyms and locker rooms. These particular lockers are brand new but have been discounted for immediate sale to help clear up space in our crowded warehouse. These are also quite large so they will hold many items. Each locker is 15" wide x 18" deep x 72" high and includes a shelf, coat road, and hooks. They can be locked with a common padlock or built-in key or combination lock keeping contents safe and secure.  6" legs raise the lockers off the floor so you can clean underneath them and make it easier to access the lockers.  They can be ordered either unassembled or assembled.

  • Unassembled price $110.00 per locer
  • Assembled price $130.00 per locker
Lockers with Perforated Doorsimage 1
Lockers with Perforated Doorsimage 2 image 2
Lockers with Perforated Doorsimage 3 image 3
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