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Used Locker Room Benches

Our inventory of used locker room benches provides a low-cost seating solution to crowded locker room environments, these high-quality benches being crafted for everyday stability and convenience. These bench tops have been constructed with either wood, aluminum or plastic that are equally meritable and depend on use. Our wood benches are constructed with strips of solid maple hardwood that are sanded into smooth, rounded edges for superior comfort. The wooden bench tops are sealed with a clear lacquer to provide a rigid, stable surface that ensures a watertight barrier for years of durability. Even in their previously used condition, these benches are able to provide the same sturdy functionality as brand new benches.

Our plastic and aluminum benches may not look as fancy as our wood styles, but these benches have proven records in durability that are superior for outdoor seating. Both plastic and aluminum are corrosion-resistant and won't develop mold or mildew. Our used benches are perfect for those who don’t mind a few cosmetic scratches or blemishes and are ideal for users more concerned with utility than appearance.

Used Locker Room Bench Tops
Stock #:609M Used Locker Room Bench Tops
Size: 24"-144"
ID: T - 20
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Cast Iron Pedestals
Stock #:64810U
Size: 17.25" tall
ID: P - 8
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Used Bench Pedestals
Stock #:sl-60822H Used Pedestals
Size: 16.75" High
ID: T - 3
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Stainless Steel Pedestals
Stock #:sl-60822SSU
Size: 17.25"
ID: T - 6
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We carry a large selection of nearly new, to moderately used locker benches for sale that are available in an assortment of sizes. Size options are available in lengths of 36” to 144” with widths of 12”, 15”, 18” and 24” wide for fitting many different needs. We also carry some ADA-approved benches for accommodating all users. Businesses or schools looking for cheap benches can find a good selection of hardwood bench tops with accompanying pedestals of their choice. Our sturdy pedestals are available in various styles; including, moveable pedestals for portability or steel tubular pedestals for wall or floor anchoring. Most pedestals are finished in either gray or beige. Gyms, locker rooms, pools or spas that are looking to stay within a set budget will appreciate the many economical options available with our used locker room benches. Check out our many used locker room benches for school locker rooms and employee locker rooms.