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Industrial Strength Locker

Used Lockers
Stock #: 61121672RDW Red DeBourgh Wyoming
Price: Call For Pricing! 1-877-952-0151
Quantity: 24
Dimensions: 12" x 16" x 72" each

If you are looking for super strong lockers, look no further. These single tier lockers are made of 14 gauge metal and are welded making them about as strong as they come. Each measures 12" wide x 16" deep x 72" high, includes a shelf, clothing hooks and is padlock ready. These are a bit older but still function perfectly. Commonly used in warehouses to store tools, machine parts, shop supplies, clothing, etc. 

Welded in sets of:

  • 3 groups of 3 columns wide (275 lbs. each)
  • 3 groups of 5 columnns wide  (385 lbs. each)
Industrial Strength Lockerimage 1
Industrial Strength Lockerimage 2 image 2
Industrial Strength Lockerimage 3 image 3
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