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Coin Operated Locker

Used Lockers
Stock #: 66121872BAC Blue American Coin Locker
Price: Call For Pricing! 1-877-952-0151
Quantity: 6
Dimensions: 12" x 18" x 12"/72" 6-Tier

We have these used coin operated lockers for sale at less than half the cost of new lockers and they function just as well.  They are in good, overall condition and include all the keys.  Each compartment is 12" wide x 18" deep x 12" high.  Coin lockers are great to use at your place of business or locations such as amusement parks, zoos, train and bus stations, rec. centers, college campuses, Libraries, etc., to provide a safe storage solution for employees and guests while generating revenue for yourself.  Each locker is set to 2 quarters per use.

We have:

  • 2 groups of 3 columns each
Coin Operated Lockerimage 1
Coin Operated Lockerimage 2 image 2
Coin Operated Lockerimage 3 image 3
Coin Operated Lockerimage 4 image 4
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