Celebrate Earth Day with Used Lockers

3464698944_8b8ba93f2f_b“Check out the green apples I used in my video blog for Earth Day!” by Ramsey Mohsen,         CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating? This year, we wanted to do a little more than just turn the lights off for an hour. We’re celebrating by sharing with the world how used lockers can help save the planet. 😉

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How To Make A Metal Locker

All of us here at BuyUsedLockers work with lockers each and every minute of the day.  One could say we are not very shocked–nor curious–about metal lockers!  They are what we know, what we specialize in and we enjoy talking about/teaching our clients about them each and every day, so it doesn’t phase us a whole lot…

But to some of our clients, a used metal locker holds a bit of mystery and awe.  Some admit they didn’t know there were SO many different sizes, designs, materials or that we have special names for them like; single tier all-welded or triple tier metal lockers or open face stadium lockers.

Beginnings of a metal locker

The one thing we almost always get asked is how a metal locker is made–?  Well, if you’re curious, here is how…
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