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2 Person Duplex Employee Lockers

Used Lockers
Stock #: 61151872WSA White Superior Arizona
Price: $75.00
Quantity: 113
Dimensions: 15" x 18" x 72" 2-Person

$75.00 per locker!

We have these used 2 person employee lockers for sale that are in good, fully functioning condition. These are a bargain at $75.00 per column. We have 111 sets on hand. Each set accommodates 2 people for a total of 222 users. These do require a built-in key or combination lock (1654) which we also sell. These are unique in that they have a ventilated door and top allowing for extra ventilation that will help control odors. These are the perfect solution for employee break rooms. They provide full locker storage for each employee while taking up less space than traditional 1-tier lockers.

2 Person Duplex Employee Lockersimage 1
2 Person Duplex Employee Lockersimage 2 image 2
2 Person Duplex Employee Lockersimage 3 image 3
2 Person Duplex Employee Lockersimage 4 image 4
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